Self Love Series



Over the past years, Tri Delta has created several initiatives to battle the negative body image issues that plague the vast majority of young women in modern day society. Tri Deltas across the nation have promoted healthy, positive body image through Tri Delta’s BodyImage3D program. Through activities and conversations, BodyImage3D focuses on encouraging a healthy mind, body, and spirit in all of its members by tackling growing issues, such as eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

In the Spring, our second year pledge class takes BodyImage3D campus-wide. This workshop includes activities that all focus on positive self image, individual and collective responsibility, and how we as a group can create meaningful change. During this workshop, and outside of it as well, we encourage all sisters and women all over campus to remember how beautiful they are in their own skin!


Behind Happy Faces

Mental health has quickly become one of the most critical challenges facing college students. Collegiate chapters and volunteers report that depression, anxiety, anger control issues, lack of sleep, and substance abuse are greatly impacting collegiate women and Tri Delta members. Because of this, Tri Delta has introduced its mental health initiative, Behind Happy Faces, to tackle these issues head on. This program addresses key aspects of mental health including:

  • Introduce a new perspective that emphasizes the need to take care of our mental health, much like our physical health
  • Reframe the conversation around mental illness
  • Teach members how to approach a friend or sister who is struggling with her mental health
  • Provide members with the tools and resources to refer a friend to a mental health professional
  • Reduce the stigma around seeking help for mental health challenges
  • Increase problem-solving skills and ability to seek social support

We strive to implement these objectives throughout our own chapter. We have mental health talks during our weekly chapter, addressing ways to support yourself and others. Our chapter also partakes in "Break the Stigma" discussions in which one of our sisters bravely speaks about her experience with mental health. These discussions provide our sisters with the opportunity to understand what others are going through, learn how to help in the best way possible, and further break the stigma surrounding mental health. Our chapter believes that these Break the Stigma discussions allow the members of our chapter to embody the three characteristics of a Tri Delta: brave, bold, and kind. 

If you have any questions regarding our BodyImage3D or Behind Happy Faces program, please contact our BodyImage3D Coordinator Reilly McElroy -