Chapter Reform Action Items


As part of reforming our chapter to be the best it can be, we have already implemented action items listed below. These are only the first steps in accomplishing our goal to make this chapter a truly accessible, inclusive, and equitable organization. 



  • Outside references are no longer considered during the recruitment process
  • No longer take legacy status into consideration during recruitment or giving bids
  • The first rounds of virtual recruitment will be double-blind, meaning cameras are off on both sides and no identifying questions can be asked
  • Increased our chapter-wide implicit bias training before recruitment 


  • Members are no longer fined as a punishment
  • Increased our transparency about finances in a breakdown of dues
  • VP of Finances works with members individually to fit their financial needs
  • Throughout chapter and during the new member period, we explicitly promote the availability of scholarships from the Tri Delta Foundation, Tri Delta Gamma Eta, National Panhellenic Conference, and University of Richmond Panhellenic Council 

Member Support:

  • We have check-ins with every member to offer support and ensure they are having the best experience possible
  • Implemented the Behind Happy Faces Program, a mental health initiative that consists of training and support for our members 

Social Responsibility:

  • Coordinate with Tri Delta's LEADDDNow program to further implement change on a national level
  • Collaborate with other chapters for change and to promote unity across all chapters in terms of reform efforts and accountability 
  • Tri Delta as a national organization has removed all heteronormative language from Fraternity Policies 
  • THE BYLAWS OF DELTA DELTA DELTA. Tri Delta does not discriminate on any basis other than gender in the selection of members, and collegiate chapters will not discriminate on the basis of ethnic heritage, national origin, personal appearance, personal beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability.
  • Introduced the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee